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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can I see the future?

Probably not. But I did have a dream last night about the upcoming football season (Ponies kickoff against Rice in Houston on ESPN August 29).

In my dream, the Mustangs were playing some faceless, nameless team that was probably Texas Tech. The team was on the field in the now old red uniforms of the the last few years and Justin Willis was at QB.....but without a helmet. I was in the stands yelling "Justin, where's your helmet?"

Willis completed a couple of passes and Emmanuel Sanders fumbled one of the catches out of bounds as he was getting tackled near the goal line. Some small running back had a great break up the middle (Chris Butler perhaps?) Meanwhile, June Jones was lying down on the sideline on a bed while sleepily reading the plays out to the assistant coaches to send in.

It was a bizarre, frustrating dream. And we lost 37-6 (which also made me think it was Tech that we were playing).

For the sake of our sanity and the upcoming season, let's hope my dream stemmed less from any insight I may have in the future and more from the Grolsch I was drinking last night.

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