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Friday, September 10, 2010

Home Opener Eve

A short note on the eve of the Ponies' home opener against UAB. I'm currently watching UTEP-UH. Is it somehow possible for them both to lose?

Ty and I will be on the Boulevard tomorrow at our spot in front of Cockrell-McIntosh. Hope it's a good turnout and that plenty of SMU faithful are there.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Drink, Watch, Listen

Drink This: Sam Adams Octoberfest

Watch This: SMU: The Climb

Listen to This: Run This Town(SMU remix) - J-Makk

Tap the Boulevard: now with more blogging

A lot to catch up on since this thing went dormant last year. Let's do this Quickly (That's What She Said).

The ponies went to and won their first Bowl game in 25 years on Christmas Eve in Hawaii and pony fans everywhere rejoiced with excess eggnog, Tiny Bubbles , and cries to their wives that if they just believed hard enough anything is possible. Yes Virginia, last year there was a Santa Claus and he was wearing red.

Last Year's Big Factors

Margus Hunt: SMU discovered the hidden talents of the Eastern Bloc. The 6'8 discus wielding Estonian decided he didn't like field goals very much and need to block them all. The Wolfman probably accounted for the most momentum shifts for the ponies last year.

Kyle Padron: After being a revolving door of QBs since the great Ramon Flanigan left the program in the late 90's, the Ponies may have finally found a program quarterback. A true Freshman last year, Padron has the ability to think on his feet, make plays, and learn from his mistakes. He's young, and he is only going to get better.

Special Teams: Yes the reporters love to talk about the previously mentioned Estonian Terminator, though he reminds me more of Ivan Drago from Rockey IV "I must block you", more credit needs to go to Coach Mcknight and his entire squad of Special Teams. Yes, Hunt was the highlight but the entire Special Teams deserves credit. The ponies won a lot of close games last year because of fantastic game changing plays made by this squad.

Looking Forward:

Expectations have never been higher in my lifetime for an SMU Football season with the exception of the return of football to campus in 1989. We are witnessing the rebirth of a program. The 2009 season was a big step, but by no means was it the final step. There will be stumbles, there will be disappointment, but this 2010 team looks tougher and more talented than ever before. We have a young quarterback in Padron who is a student of the game, a D Line that likes to hit people, a squadron of young fast receivers, and for once the expectation to win with the goal of winning a championship.

Go Ponies